Joseph R Frady Associate Broker (251) 978-3339

Keeping Alabama Real Estate License Law and attention to detail at the forefront of his mind, Joseph consistently offers accurate and dependable information to his clients. He possesses excellent people skills and the ability to relate to different personalities, enabling him to understand the wants and needs of the individuals working with him.

He takes pride in being knowledgeable on every aspect of the conveyance of property, while maintaining the ability to communicate his expertise to buyers and sellers. "Albert Einstein said - If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough," Joseph says, adding, "It's my duty to not only understand, but to have the ability to explain and describe the laws and formalities of a real estate transaction."

Spending the first part of his real estate career as a top producing agent for the largest home builder in the country, Joseph acquired vast knowledge about quality residential construction. "Working for a Fortune-500 home builder has given me a better grasp on all phases of real estate: from permit process, construction, investment and marketing," he says, "That experience is invaluable to the success I have had and will have in the future."


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